Friday, April 29, 2011

Rafflesia and Rajah Brooke Birdwing trekking @Ulu Geroh Gopeng 17 April 2011

Currently, there are only two MNS appointed orang asli Semai guide for Ulu Geroh Jungle Trekking. They are Ngah Teroq 017 569 1227 and Bah Ihsan 012 400 7564. You will find it hard to get through the number due to the poor reception at their village.
Rafflesia trekking is RM22 per person and same goes to Rajah Brooke Birdwing.
Depends on the Rafflesia's location, our jungle trek took an hour, to and fro.

We tailed Ngah's motorcycle, for about 45minutes from Gopeng town to Rafflesia Visitor Centre, driving through tar road, narrow gravel path which fills with sand and rocks, across bridges and passed by oil palm and durian plantation.  A SUV is a better choice.
Ngah said 'Okay, okay no problem' when I asked him if I could drive my car in.

Crossing the bridge just above the rapid river (pic below).

When En saw this, she hollered "Yayy white water rafting !!"

We finally arrived the destination in one-piece. It was one scary ride.
After registering at Rafflesia Visitor Centre cum accomodation, our guide gave us a short briefing about the tour.
Thereafter, we walked through the Orang Asli Semai village before reaching the Ulu Geroh Forest Reserve.  

The things are stuffed on the wall and roof without any cupboards.

Pants stuffed into socks, to prevent the blood sucking leeches.
We trampled onto muddy and lumpy ground.

Edible bunga kantan.
 The guide said 'The Orang Asli don't eat it but the chinese do'

Giant millipede.

5-petaled Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world. 
 It will be in bloomed in another 2 days.

Dried Rafflesia.

Male Rajah Brooke Birdwing butterfly absorbed mineralised water from the ground.
The spot is just short 2minutes away from the Rafflesia Visitor Centre. From the centre, go straight toward the Orang Asli Semai home. Take the right turn before the bridge. Go straight and you will see them shortly.

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Unknown said...

Hi! I am planning a trip to Ulu Geroh next week. Is the info on the MNS appointed orang asli Semai guide for Ulu Geroh Jungle Trekking still valid, i.e. Ngah Teroq 017 569 1227 and Bah Ihsan 012 400 7564. Thanks!