Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Malaysia 55th Independance Day 31 August 2012

My children wish to watch the National Parade again. So, dear hubby has to wake up early and catch a train ride to "Bank Negara station". (I managed to skip this year parade as well. What's more, I have the luxury to sleep in a quiet home) 
You know what, this is the 6th Merdeka parade for my older child. I think that is a lot. I have not watched it all my life till I have my kids. They love Malaysia. They love the national flag. They love the parade. They love "Negaraku", the national song.  


Veronica said...

Hi Shannon,

I chanced upon your blog while searching for more info on The Roots Eco Resort and I am quite glad that I did.

I have never heard of the term unschooling prior to this but have always subscribed to the philosophy that a child's learning should not be confine to classrooms. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that I was never one to memorize what I learn but prefer to explore, ask infinite whys and how, experiment, play and 'break things' to satisfy my curiosity.

I think what you are doing for your kids is a great thing and very brave as well.

I think it's amazing the amount of time and effort that you have put in. Much respect for that. :)


Ng Shannon said...


Thank you very much for your valuable comment.

If you are interested to find out more about unschooling,
http://www.holtgws.com/ (John Holt) http://sandradodd.com/unschooling (Sandra Dodd)

Hope to hear from you again. Take care.

Sincerely, Shannon