Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tree Top Walk, MacRitchie Reservoir Park 20 November 2011

The beginning path of the trail.

Free car park next to the entrance.

We took the shorter hiking route from Venus Drive (off Upper Thomson Road), which took about 5.5hours to and fro.

Weather check.

Opening hours.
Entrance to the canopy walk is free.

Looks like a young stick insect.

Part of the trail in the jungle.

Ample signages are provided along the way.

I have been wanting to know more about funghi.

We came out to a road which then led us to another trail.

I was wondering why I couldn't drove nearer to the second trail, till I saw this sign.

Second part of the trail, Terentang trail.

A swarm of insect making a nest on a leave.

Funghi grew on a trunk up in the tree.

Such a nice one.

We reached the ranger station.

There are clean toilets available.

We have been seeing this insect and not knowing its name.
Pill Milipede it is.

Kids stopped to make a tree with sticks and leaves.

Lots of tapioca plants.

We kept still when a snake slithered across the path.

Hiss hisssss

The much awaited tree top walk that sent chills down my spine.
It reminded me of our FRIM canopy walk.

I managed to look up a bit.

MacRitchie Reservoir view.

My shadow.

The visitors went whaa whoaa upon seeing a macaque.

No chicken out and turn back.

This insect larvae must have dropped from above trees. En carried it back safely to a leave.

Tainted leaves.

Informative board.

Such beautiful caterpillar.

One of the many spiders we saw.

No idea what this is.

Macaque munching on jackfruit.

Another macaque eating the Singapore durian!

Spotted a monitor lizard digging the ground.

Lichen infested wood.

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