Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chuo Chu Kang NLB library, Singapore 21 Novemeber 2011

Immersing in great books at Singapore library.

Rows after rows of books at children section.

It's my first sighting of so many Amelia Bedelia's books. We weren't able to read all.

En found two Zen books.

Oh man, they subscribe to babybug magazines.

The categories of books for 10-12 years old!
The fanstatic library is one of the many reasons we make few trips to Singapore yearly.


Wei Yun said...

wow.... very impressive....

are the kids members there?

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Wei Yun,
No, the kids are not a member.

rayhana said...


Ng Shannon said...


yeah, *drool* :D