Friday, June 26, 2015

Hiking to Sg Pisang Waterfall, Karak, Pahang 24 August 2013

This is where we parked our vehicles, in front of Jungle Lodge Alang Sedayu . No one collect any parking fees from us. From here, it took about an hour to arrive Sungai Pisang Waterfall. 

Right before the blue barrier (photo on the right), climbed down the slope on the left.

Follow the path and you will come to the tunnels. This is the part that we liked the most, kicking the cooling water as we walked through the dim tunnel, reaching the forest at the end of it. From the tunnel, it is about 40 minutes easy hike to the waterfall.

One of the many fungi we saw.

I hang out here at the first fall, while En hiked to the higher one, by climbing up the slope across the waterfall.  

This is the slope to the higher fall and there is a clearing where you can camp. 

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