Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Orang Asli Jahai at Sg Kejar Hilir, Belum, Perak 30 August 2011

Our boat stopped here at the village of Orang Asli Negrito, for us to buy some grocery for the Orang Asli children at Sg Kejar Hilir, where we are heading to. 

It's situated beside the lake.

The houses. 

Orang Asli Jahai's village.

Women were seen washing clothes by the tiny jetty whereas the children carried buckets of water home.

We stopped here, and climbed up the muddy steps to the village.

A shy little toddler hiding behind the door and smilling to me.

Bench made of bamboo strips and straight sturdy branch or young tree.

Their mode of transport, sampan and bamboo raft.

Mothers looking after their young ones. 

A typical home of Orang Asli Jahai.

The little children used to visitors in their village.

Hunting tool on sale.

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