Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Test for Starch, Acid & Alkaline and Water absorption 20 September 2011

The titles today.

1.Testing for starch.
Substance for testing - sugar, wheat flour, salt, corn flour, biscuit and baking powder.

Scoop each subtance into microwell. Add some water.

Few drops of Iodine.
Starch present when iodine turn to blue black.

2.Test for acid/alkaline.
Substance for testing -vinegar, detergent, toothpaste, sugar, lime juice, salt, shampoo and baking powder.

Squeeze in liquid substance. Dip litmus paper.
Red litmus paper turn blue - alkaline
Blue litmus paper turn red - acid.

Water absorption test.

Look at how the folder paper absorbed water and opened like flower blossom.
The red paper overlapped, hence didn't open up.

Hui 's worksheet. Did she draw the micro well?

Another drawing.

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