Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Post Office, National Mail Centre @Shah Alam 21 September 2011

Lot 1 Persiaran Perkilangan, Seksyen 21 40300 Shah Alam.
Direction Federal Highway from KL to Shah Alam - Istana Kayangan exit. Turn left at exit. Go straight. Hit roundabout. Go straight. First left turn.

For a visit, email Muhammad Hafiz hafiz.kadir@pos.com.my , from the Communication Dept at Daya Bumi. Contact 010 528 5826.

We have not been having such a lengthy information-filled tour for a while. At 11am, you will be able to see most machines in operation. But to view all machines in operation, 2pm is the best time.

We were served continental breakfast before the start of the tour.

Rows and rows of empty boxes waiting to be filled with letters.

The collection of letters from post boxes will be processed by this very first machine. It will cancel off the stamp postage on the envelope.
We were told that this machine will run at 2pm.

This machine will print post-paid stamp for company mails.
This is the stamp print. 

Stamped by hand.
The friendly staffs are so kind as to give hands-on opportunity for the curious children.

This machine sorts the letters into different area by reading the number code on the letter.

The box of sorted letters goes up the spiral belt caught the kids' attention.

Some boxes came to a halt on the belt above.
The technician arrived immediately and rectified the problem.

Our souvenir. Each person receives one set of stamp.

Our souvenir.

En has requested to see how the letters are processed at the post office about a year ago.
Today, it was the little curious Hui who found the trip interesting. A grown-up En had a fabulous time playing with her best friends instead.


A gift from God said...


I would like to know whether it is possible to join some of the field trips that you and other homeschoolers go to? Really love all the wonderful field trips that you have been. At the same time, we would like to get to know more homeschooling families. I am homeschooling my son who is 5.

You can email me at: fojill76 AT gmail DOT com


Thank you!

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Florence.

Thank you for your comment. Sure, I would love to meet you and your son someday.

You're welcome.