Thursday, October 27, 2011

Journey from Negombo to Sirigiya, Sri Lanka 9 September 2011

It was ages since I last stepped foot at Bandaranaike International Airport. Little did I know I will be coming to Colombo for a vacation. It was En's choice as half the expenses was sponsored by her. The incentives came from bagging the third prize at Enfagrow contest.

The aiport is so comtemporary looking and come with many free wireless station. Impressed.
Without enough time to search for information, I entrusted the trip in the hand of Nimal De Silva, who came to pick us at the aiport.
The journey from Negombo to Sigiriya took about 3 hours, driving through old trunk road.

It's called tuk tuk, just like in Thailand.

Grocery store.

We passed by countless of brick making factory.
While watching the workers, En commented "Why don't they use machine?"

Coconut juice is so sweet and cheap. Nimal would stopped whenever and wherever we wanted to. Even though the itinerary is planned but he never rush us but let us go at our own pace. 


Rayhana said...

we loved loved loved our guide in Sri Lanka too.. they are just so accommodating!

Ng Shannon said...


Great to hear that. May I know who was your guide?