Monday, October 31, 2011

Banana Rest, Sirigiya, Sri Lanka 9 September 2011

Banana Rest House was our very first accommodation. We simply fell in love with this place.

At the moment, there are only two air-cond & water heater units whereas the rest are rooms with fan and no water heater.
The unit on the right side is ours.
The place looks exactly what my dream home is. 
Walking further down, from the unit, is a pond.

Nature is so calming.

The pond.
There are many water birds and grazing buffaloes and cows.
Civet cats, rabbit and squirrel roam freely.

Sitting at the verandah, countless of birds flown by. I have lost count of the type of birds I have seen.

Side view.

Our room.

The bathroom with a frog occupant.

The owner of Banana Rest.

En Hui played barefooted outside. Such heaven.

En said " I don't need shoes over here"

There are many birdnest around us.

Lots of makeshift treehouses meant for cow-herders.

Few snapshots of what we ate at Banana Rest.
I love Sri Lankan food. They are so so so tasty.
Fresh homecooked dishes from its garden. 
The vegetable that looks like lady finger is actually called 'drumstick'.

The food came in claypots like these.

Vegetarian fried noodles and rice, with onion/tomato salad.

Pumpkin, aubergine and long beans.

The wood fire kitchen

Watching Rasica plucked lemon for our lemon juice.

Lemon juice and steamed bread, with homemade butter.

Can you spot the long "drumstick" vegetable?
There are varieties of fruit trees and vegetable plants scattered all around the rest house.

Pathway from dining hall to our room, lined with flowers.

  We woke up to abundant of chirping birds and would see baby calf grazing when we opened our door.
I miss Banana Rest house.


Rayhana said...

wah, i love indian food. the food looks scrumptious!
drumstick also available here, so yum!
lovely :)

Ng Shannon said...


Yes! yes! Me too. Sri Lankan food became my second fav food!

yes, drumstick is available here but I have not tried cooking it before.Have you?

Jack Ng said...

Banana resthouse in Sigiriya is a place where I can kick-back and relax and watch the kids play all day without a care in the world.

The food is delicious and because we are pretty much on a vegan diet, the host cooked most things from their garden except rice. The lime juice, the drum stick and the coconut are from their garden.

The homemade butter on their homemade bread,I still can recall the taste, it was simple and yet nice.

The surroundings are very natural. The atmosphere is calm. This place just works for me.