Monday, October 10, 2011

Berembun Forest Reserve, Seremban 25 September 2011

It was an outing with Malaysian Nature Society. If you are not a member yet, check it out!.

Our first stop, is to view a show house constructed with interlocking bricks by Genius Greenway
The show house is located along Jalan Jelebu @ Pantai, shortly after the Veterinary Department & Ostrich Farm, Jelebu.  Look for the signage and the house is located on the left.

A closer view of the sign.

Front view of the house.
There are no nails and minimum cement involved.

The interlocking bricks.
The owner, Encik Zaman gave us a tour and explanation of the construction of the house.

Thereafter, we drove towards Pantai and took a right turn at Kampung Baru Pantai, to Berembun Forest Reserve.

We parked our car along the roadside adjacent to Pantai Hill Resort and walked in.

Edible Ubi Gajah.

Hui went zigzagging among the participants while Kok gave us a briefing.

Walked to the end of the road where the entrance to the forest is located on the left.

Hike uphill at some parts.

At the trail road, we saw some bits paper marking the trail.

Yellow roots!

There were many fallen thick tree trunks along the narrow single lane pathway into the jungle.

At some points, we needed to climb over fallen branches and leaves.

Narrow single lane pathway. At some parts of the trail, the soil at the edge were loose. Hui slipped once and dad managed to hold onto her.

Trunk broken into three parts along the way.

There were varieties of funghi along the trek. 

En could easily walked under the fallen trunk and she told uncle Grass and me to do a limbo rock.

Crossing huge roots.

Mossy area near to the stream.

We had a lunch break by the river. After the break, we proceed to the wider river above.

This funghi infested trunk caught our eye. There were three perpendicularly fallen trunks above us.

At this point, everyone came to a halt and those who queued behind were wondering why the trekkers in front took such a long time to cross over the fallen tree.

When it was our turn, we saw that there was no clear pathway and we had to cross and by climbing and balancing ourselves on the freshly fallen tree trunk and its branches. It slowed all of us down.

En said "She loves this part. It was challenging"

Funghi again.

And again. Do they look like Ling Zhi?

Finally, after a strenuous hike, we arrived to our final destination. Without much ado, En took her shoes and socks out, and leaped on the rocks and soaked in the cooling water.


Toh said...

I've been Kg Kolam Air. If I'm not mistaken the trail starts just beside of the TNB sub-station on the left before the end of the road. May I know how long it will take to reach the final destination? And is the trail suitable for those beginners? I would like to plan a camping trip in the future. TQ

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Toh,
Where is Kg Kolam Air?
I can't recall seeing a TNB sub-station. :(
With a 4 year old kid in tow, it took us more than 3 hours to arrive.
For a healthy young adult beginner, the trail should be okay.
Have fun and if you have the time, please do update me with your camping trip experience. Thank you.