Saturday, October 22, 2011

Passion and Self-directed 1 October 2011

We spent the past weekend watching three homeschoolers competing or performing at what they love doing and passionate about.  

A 9 year old who bagged a few medals at Rhythmic Gymnastics competition. Her love and passion were reflected in her graceful movement.  

A 13 year old who got "Highly Commendable" at ICCA cake wedding competition. Her love in free-hand piping manifested in her delicate artwork.

She wants to be a song-writer and singer.
I was in awe looking at this 15 year old, singing in front of a crowd with gusto.
Now I couln't help but to hum her original song "A Million Reason to Smile!"

Their passion lifted me up and spur me on. :) 
What is my passion?  

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