Monday, October 31, 2011

Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka 11 September 2011

Dried chilli and orange hung under van parked in front of a temple.

Dambulla cave, a world heritage site in Sri Lanka's  view from the bottom of the hill.

You can either climb up using a pathway with steps or

this. We hike down using the alternative route.

We didn't hire a guide.

Must remove shoes before entering and yes, must pay the caretaker.

Entrance to the cave.

The cave is located on the right hand side.

One of the 5 shrines room in the cave.

Hui observed a Sri Lankan family praying.

The offering at the end of the Buddha's leg.

Access to the shrines were along the slope of Dambulla cave.

Hui entering another shrine.

The shrine room was very dim and filled wit Buddhas statues.

EnHui offered some flowers which was given by a devotee.

Dad received some blessing and got a string tied on his wrist.

Both running along the slope of the cave.

Hilly view from Dambulla Cave.

Spotted the second salamander during our stay in Sri Lanka.

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