Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kids' Spa and Making Sandwich 5 October 2011

After a long break, our Co op started again. The kids had a fun-filled day and great laugh, having their feet scrubed by natural homemade footscrub. Some older girls had face mask as well!

En had her turn at the foot massager, after a footscrub.
Natural footscrub ingredients with brown sugar, glycerin and ehmm I forgot again.

Home-made face mask made with chocolate powder, green tea powder and honey. :)

Sandwich making.

En told her 'Beauty and the Beast' story.
On the way home in the car ride, she talked about her experienced and feelings endlessly. The moment she arrived home, she went to work on her next story.
In the midst of cooking, she came to me "Mom, this is what I like. Story telling. I can make money by telling stories"

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