Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Belum Rainforest Resort, Pulau Banding 28 August 2011

Next to the entrance of the room, is the crystal clean bathroom. 

Very cozy and neatly arranged room.

There is no TV in the room. 

View of the backyard and the Temenggor lake.

My travel crockpot which I canned cook pasta and heat up tomato sauce for my children. 
I used to use it very often to cook some rice and heat up can food during my globetrotting career.
At the backyard. The resort has two floors. We are at the ground floor, located near to lobby which enable us to access the free Wi-Fi from room.

The pristine looking lake from the backyard.
You may also stroll the herb garden nearby.


queen_of_bee said...

it's a nice place to visit!!! and i enjoyed the rafting the most.

Ng Shannon said...

Queen_of_bee!!! Hello. You are back!
I loveeeee this place also. :)))

queen_of_bee said...

the leeches were scary though! made me very conscious when walking in the jungle.

yes! i'm back *Talking*.. hahahaha!

Ng Shannon said...

Yeah, there are so many leeches and it's so easy to spot one on the ground!
Nice to have you again, queen-of-bee. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi... just wondering this room is superior or deluxe?

Ng Shannon said...

Superior room.