Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bufori Motor Car Company 20 February 2012

Julie-Ann, sales & marketing executive gave a talk on Bufori. 

Walked into the factory.

Julie-Ann explained the process of making a Bufori. 

Customize the color you like for your Bufori. :)

Mold of the arm rest.

The upholstery is being hand-stitched. 

A Bufori is made from carbon material that has Kevlar. 
This car mould is used to make remote control car.

Showed how the power window works.

A Bufori has 32 of these electronic connections.

Removing the roof of a convertible for the kids to sit in.

We found Julie-Ann to be the most gracious host and guide to our children. She ended the trip by telling the children to go after their dream and never to give up, even when no one believe in you.

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