Monday, May 2, 2011

Great Apes at Zoo Negara 25 April 2011

Monday 915am
En was trying to explain the theory of how the apes, monkeys and us came from the same ancestor, the homo sapien.

Boarded the tram to the Ape Centre.

Caught the magnificient stork spreading its wing on photo.

The tram stopped at the Ape Centre. There are only two species of ape here, the Orang Utan and chimpanzee. Gibbons which are also ape, are located outside among monkeys enclosure !!

Early in the morning, the zoo keepers brought sugarcane, bananas and coconuts into the enclosure before releasing the chimpanzee. Do visit the Ape Centre first if you wish to have a look.

There are 3 chimpanzees, two males and one female hunting for food once they were released.

We seen Orang Utan ripped off a coconut husk at Singapore Zoo with its bare hand.
This chimpanzee used not only hand but teeth as well.

The zookeeper preparing the Orang Utan food. The huge trunk-like food was left on the hammock. Later, it  hit the Orang Utan 's head (poor thing) when it pulled the trunk down. 

En snapped many pictures of the Orang Utan when she wasn't interested in playing the game which bind both hands with masking tape. 

Grouping pictures into gorilla, orang utan and chimpanzee.

the game which bind both hands with masking tape. ! :)

with both hands binded, the kids need to open the bottle of water and poured into cups.
and also to cut the banana with fork and knife.

Some fun facts of apes.

The maximum size that an orang utan can grow! so HUGE

the group of kids competing with a father, uncle P on the game of tug-of-war.
I heard En shouted "tarik tarik .. " 

The trip ended at the multi-animal show.
En was seen holding a bunch of leaves, hollering "Sit down, show is going to start!"

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