Saturday, May 7, 2011

Adeline Rest House & Adeline Villa, Gopeng Perak 30 April 2011

Saturday afternoon.
Adeline Rest house's map. A kampung style rest house.

Both of our huts, side by side.
Rumah(means house) Dokong (left) and Rumah Rambai.
Dokong is by the brook and Rambai is built over the brook.

Rumah Dokong's view from Rambai. There is a basin just outside each rumah.

 Serambi(porch) at Dokong.

The room, for 5 occupants.
Clean sheets and blankets are provided.

Entrance of Rumah Rambai. 

The porch and the steps leading to the room.

The room which can occupy by 9 people.
We took a sound nap when it rained in the afternoon. It was cool and the sound of water gushing through the brook under our house was heaven.

One of the windows.

This is the brook under Rumah Rambai. After the rain, the water turned muddy.
The communal toilets & showers are located beside Rumah Rambai. 
At 2am, electricity supply will be cut. Remember to bring torch light for toilet visit at night.  

We checked out the posh Adeline Villa where granny stayed.

Villa No. 111 which can sleep 5 people.

There are two balconies with hammocks. The see through glass door which gave you the feeling of sleeping among the trees.

En tried to wrap her cousin up with the hammock.

The second balcony. :)

Attached huge bathroom, with separate cubicle for shower room and toilet.

Adeline Rest House and Villa is located  200meter apart which is about a 5 minutes walk away.    

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