Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Puppet Workshop with Jeff Achtem aka Mr Bunk 5 May 2011

Thursday 3pm
I was so excited knowing Jeff Achtem aka Mr Bunk was holding a free workshop for children aged 7 and above. My first thought was En is going to like this one. She admire and is fascinated by shadow. Mr Bunk's shadow puppetry is different from the usual 'Wayang Kulit' we watched. Mr Bunk performed in front of the screen whereas Tok Dalang is behind it.

Hui wasn't supposed to be part of it but I brought her along. When the children was called to the stage, Hui walked right up there without much hesitation. En on the other hand, prefer to watch from afar.

Part of the preview. He is really really funny. We 're thrown into a fit of laughter.

Hui at 4 years old, listened intently.

Mr Bunk didn't distribute material to Hui, probably knowing she is way under age to be there.
Little Hui walked right to him and got herself the material!! :)

Put your wrist at the edge of the paper and draw an outline of your palm.

Draw the face, nose - and make it real big.

The children was told to wait for Mr Bunk to check on the drawing before cutting it out. Hui said "He doesn't want to see my drawing". I said " He has so many children to attend to." Without giving up, she walked up to him. Mr Bunk commented "Too small, draw bigger "

Cutting out the puppet.

Hui asked help from Mr Bunk to put a strap on her.

En & Hui.

Hui told me to cover the light and see what happen.

She was pretty headstrong and went up to the stage uninvited, watch Mr. Bunk giving shadow making tips to 2 older children, which was selected prior

Hui had fun with the puppet on stage.
She loves watching En's shadow making and was inspired by her . En will make shadows whenever she has a chance to.

Puppet show by En Hui and the audience.
This time around, they performed in front of the stage, just like Bunk.

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