Saturday, May 28, 2011

Geography & Science group learning 24 May 2011

 Tuesday morning
Our first foray into Geography was by introducing Malaysia by showing it on the globe (at least we attempted to) and colouring on a printed flag of Malaysia. Hui did the two things she loves -puzzle (of a Malaysia map) and colouring.

Science experiment on water surface tension.

Find the hidden colour inside the ink

I found it fun, having an outdoor classroom and sitting down on the floor. Children did it freely without any restrictions.  
Discussion of the school play without adult interruption.

At home, En told me "I have a problem. H and I wants a different way of school play."
I replied "You need to discuss with her, combine both of your ideas and come out with a joint play. Some ideas of yours might be taken out or changed. If you can't come into a conclusion, maybe you can think of a separate school play with two different directors. Take turn to direct the play.  Just like Wayang is directed by Sabera Shaik only.
En gaily said  "Thanks!, Mom"
My intention of forming/joining this group learning is for the kids to experience working with others, expose them to the concept of teamwork and responsibility. En experienced her first taste of teamwork. 

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