Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sungai Kampar Gopeng, Perak 30 April 2011

This is Sg Kampar which located at Kg Chulek. As we passed by, we witnessed few kampung children splashed happily in the river. The area here is much nicer than the river area near Adeline Rest House.

Direction - After Gopeng exit, turn left. At about 2.5km away, turn left again at Kg Chulek signboard. Keep going till you reach the metal bridge, where the river is. 500m away is Earth Camp.  

It's a 2 minutes walk from Adeline Rest House to Sg Kampar.

We went there after a heavy downpour. The river swelled up and covered the bridge.
Below is the photo on normal days.

We crossed this bridge to Ulu Geroh Forest Reserve.

Check the video on the how the rapid water gushed over the bridge.

Hui watched some men trying their luck on fishing. The man with blue shirt caught a small catfish.

The cooling water was so muddy that Hui couldn't see her pink slipper.  

En who has pestered me to bring her fishing, finally got to hold a fishing rod. I was lucky to have her cousins and uncle to coach her.

Got a fish!
When she saw the torturing look of the fish with blood oozing out from its mouth, she didn't want to hold the rod anymore. She told her uncle " I don't want to do it anymore. Just use fishing net will do'.

En and her weaving.
As we can't dip in the river, uncle S said ' We will make another trip to Adeline's again.'

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