Saturday, May 7, 2011

National Art Gallery, KL 3 May 2011

National Art Gallery free guided tour is from Monday to Friday only. For a maximum of 40 people. 10pm to 12pm or 3pm to 5pm. Booking must be done at least 2 weeks beforehand. At the end of the tour, we were given notebooks as souvenir.

Briefing by Intan, one of the curators

A huge Kolam at the entrance.
 I didn't notice there was an elephant on the kolam till Man told me about it. Such an observant little boy.

The kids ran up the spiral pathway up to the third floor gallery.

Scrubbing brush clothing! Art can really be anything.

One of the gallery rule, "No touching" which is hard for me to apply on my curious kids.

A long suffering mother longing for the return of her son.

Drawing time.
The children started to draw the moment they got their papers, before the curator had a chance to tell them to draw "Mother and Child"

Me and Hui.
Hui said 'The taller one is mommy and the shorter one is her"

by S, 4 years +. So creative.

By Hani, 7 year old. :) Such happy drawing.

By En! 

By JY, 13+years old. The flowers are full of details.

By Fai, 7+ years old. Dragons and castle! Simply marvellous. 

By Han, 4+ years old. He draws better than me!

By Ishra, 9 years old. Colourful and vibrant signatures. :)


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

lol. everytime I think of hani's picture I can't help but laugh. It's actually a picture of me in my tudung and her but other kids thot my picture was of a person with a beard. wakakakakakakaka

after this gotta ask Hani to make the tudung colorful and flowery :P

Ng Shannon said...

I thot it was you, but wonder why lah got beard on it!! :)LOL