Thursday, July 19, 2012

Camping at Ismah Beach Resort, Kg Pantai Kemunting, Melaka 23 June 2012

The sandy camp area within the compound of Ismah Beach Resort, next to the entrance . We have the whole huge place for ourself. Toilet/shower is located conveniently at the yellow colour building on the right side of the photo.

The beach is just across. The soothing sound of the waves pounding the shore provided us a wonderful lullaby

An upclose photo of the toilet/shower area. There is also a open shower outside if you dislike the unkempt shower area inside the building.

Attack !

With a fee of RM10 per person (adult/child), we can also take a dip in the pool.

Children can't get enough of the sand. 

Catching a glimpse of the sunset.

My kid simply enjoys nature.

At midnight, my growling tummy sent me to the reception for a packet of instant noodle and was told that these are the only things they sell. 

Homework can be anytime, any day, anywhere and at any setting. Here under a hastily set-up teepee.
I am so sure I do not want our life to be bound by the rigid schedule of the school. 

The sound of the coconut falling sent me running happily towards it. 

The kids admire their dad chopping the collected fruit and getting the sweet juice out of it. 


Honey4Boyz said...

Nice camp!! I love all those nature outings, they're really helpful when we plan ours too.

Ng Shannon said...

Thank you Cheryl. Do you camp too?

Honey4Boyz said...

Jz started camping. Considering the Ismah resort tis Raya weekend. If there's any camp we can join, pls let me know. cheers

Ng Shannon said...


Great! We are going to camp in Johore this Raya. Wanna come? :)

Anonymous said...

my kids will love the coconut juice

Ng Shannon said...


:) We love it too. It was tough to crack open the coconut and that made us savour every single drop of it joyfully