Sunday, March 20, 2011

Land Turtle Engagement Session with Gary 10 March 2011

When I received the text message from L about wildlife engagement with Gary(from Edutree) @Petrosains, I turned to En who was on a climbing frame and asked, "Would you like to touch turtles at Petrosains? " She shouted "YES". I asked again "There are three sessions, turtles, mudskipper and frogs, which one do you want to go?" She hollered  "ALL and especially the mudskipper because I have not touch that before".

I looked at the dates again and the only day I could bring them for the turtle session was on that today itself. So, we dropped everything and went to see Uncle Gary.  Oooh how we love the flexibility being an unschooler.!!!! :)

Classification of reptilia.
Gary explained some facts with computer slides. I admire his wisdom and passion in his field of work!
He said 'Turtle is a general name. Tortoise is classified under land turtle. Those in the sea are marine turtles"

Land turtles - soft shell tortoise, malayan box tortoise and star tortoise.

En answered Gary's question of "How many turtles are there?" and got a badge from him.

The kids could fed the turtles with live shirmp, by catching it with a pair of chopstick. After washing her hand, Hui tried to pick the shrimp with the chopstick. She was still trying for the rest of the session, aiming the chopsticks at the shrimps which swam around. When she finally caught one, her face brightened with wide-eyes, satisfied with her achievement. Then, she went on her quest again !!  

Soft shell tortoise which lives in freshwater.

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