Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bajau Suluk @Kampung Mabul, Mabul Island. 16 March 2011

Wednesday evening.
We took a stroll at Kampung Mabul, and the boy who works for Mabul backpacker as boat assistant, happily brought us around. "Saya tinggal disini", so he said. (I live here, pointing to the first home). He earns a mere RM300 per month.

There is only one school at Mabul Island and it is a primary school. The nearest secondary school is at Semporna, which is 45minutes away by speed boat. Most of them, do not enter secondary school due to poverty.

The condition of most wooden homes of Bajau Suluk people is shabby. As we walked around, the people seems cheerful and unperturbed by our presence.

Front porch of a home.

There are only two small shops and this is one of them. The business is run from home.

This naked boy has lots of mucus dangling from nose and with stained mouth. :(

A mother washed clothes the traditional way, with a basin and scrubbing board. She smiled to me while I took the shot.

A granny cooked with charcoal and wood.

The children created a game out of broken pencil, toothpaste cap, bottle caps and some other junks.

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