Saturday, March 5, 2011

Molecule, Atom and so on 1 March 2011

En asked " If molecule is inside water, what is inside molecule?"
Me : Atom
( I guess it stemmed from her question on what is inside water, months ago and I replied 'errrr molecule'.)

En : What is atom?
Me : The basis of all matter like table, you, me.

En : What is inside atom?
Me : (I slept thru most of the Physic classes!!! So I sent text message to dear Dad for help) Inside atoms, nucleus surrounded by electrons. And inside nuclues contains protons and neutron.

En : What is inside protons and neutron?
Me :  (typing away on my mobile) Protons and neutron contains particles called quark.

En : What is inside quark?
Me : (I, being impatient...) What exactly are you trying to look for ?
En : I will ask until there is nothing inside something.

Me : (Dear dad... ) Quark is the most fundamental constituent of a matter. Science could not explain clearly yet what is inside quark.

En : Satisfied.

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