Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Encounter with Reptile @Zoo Negara 24 February 2011

 We were glad to join CLIC on " Encounter with Reptile " program at the Zoo.  As usual, the zoo program began with a short briefing and followed by a walk to the Reptile & Amphibian house. Edwina, our program organiser, briefed us on reptile adaptation and habitat during the tour.

 Zookeepers went into the phyton enclosure to scoop dead mice from the water. The phyton which had been fed didn't move a bit.

We saw two teenagers who are on a volunteer programme , feeding iguana. It would be lovely for En& Hui to join when they grow up.

Sniff like a snake activity.
We were told to close our eyes, sniff a cotton given and guess the smell. I wasn't sure but En said it was perfume  En loves the fragrance of perfumes since she was young and used to sniff all sort of perfumes available.

Here she is trying to locate the perfume she sniffed earlier on.

Snake, crocodile and tortoise eggs and shell are on display. We have a chance to pet a phyton.

Check out the snake bones! 

En, working on the reptiles worksheet.

At home, she told to bring her to the zoo again as she has yet to fill in this piece.

Hui's snake drawing on the worksheet.

Painting on stones - the only activity that attracted almost all children. 

We were let into an Aldabra tortoise enclosure where a zookeeper fed it with carrot and papaya. It reminded me of how En fed a group of giant tortoises in Singapore Zoo.
This field trip ends with a tram ride that comes with commentary. 

Snake poster as souvenir. :) I had a hard time finding a free space on our wall to put it up.

Encouter with Reptile fees is RM20 for adult (a maximum of 5 adults are entitled to RM10 per person), RM15 for child aged 4 and above, RM10 for 3 years old.
Email Edwina at or call 03-4108 2219.

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