Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interactive Craft Demonstration @National Craft Day 3 March 2011

Sketching wayang kulit puppet with pencil. The artist said ' They use goat or cow skin to make the puppet! '

Making holes with hammer and variety shapes of nails. En admiring the craft.

Colouring is done with Artline 70 marker pens. This puppet costs RM60.

Looming machine in action. En moved back and forth, taking at least 10 minutes watching the process.

I wonder what was on her thought.

Then, follow by Hui who spent some time observing the process. She prefered a sitting-down observation.

she found another spot to sit and watch. :)

Hui was at this craft the longest. We have to plead for her to leave. She watched almost the whole process! I asked her ' Do you like "wau"? With wide-eyes, she said 'What? What is "wau"? You mean this one, kite? '  :)))

Kuda Kepang. Neither En nor Hui stared for more than 1 minute.

We just took a glimpse at the rest of the demo, weaving from China,

 looming craftman from Bangladesh.

weaving basket.

Batik painting.

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