Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hui's day at Mabul Backpacker 17 March 2011

Hui doesn't enjoy the snorkelling part - deep sea, waves and snorkel mask whereas En spent a great deal of time in the sea, under the scorching sun.

Hui played by the white sandy beach which located next to Mabul backpacker. It can be accessed through the back door.

Mabul backpacker view from the beach.

She doodled in the dining room.

She walked to the back of Mabul backpacker, looked at the staff hooked the fish bait.

Lowering the rice-bait.

Played with the cat. (the man in red shirt is fishing)

Watched the staff washing plates.

Listened to the divers' briefing.

Marvelled at sea life.


Jack Ng said...

I love this post.

wrgfscud said...

Poor Hui. She needs a batter accommodation for such a holiday.

For family, should stay at the resort. The type you are staying is for divers who come back to sleep after a day of enjoyment under the sea.

But for non diver like Hui, the correct accommodation is the resort which a few resorts available on the island.

But anyway, come back again for a second holiday here.

Ng Shannon said...

This accommodation is a great experience for little Hui. :)
Yes, we will surely come back one day.