Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bukit Kiara Park, TTDI 27 February 2011

Sunday morning.
After much persuassion, I finally brought En to play by the brook at Bukit Kiara.

The weather was great - cloudy with wind and not much nuisance from the macaques.

There was a birthday party by the brook and that reminded En of Max's party.

crystal clear water.

En ran to and fro pouring water on the cup-shaped rock. She said 'I m creating waterfall. The water flows to the brook'

Hui prefer to skip barefooted than to put on her muddy slipper. She skipped all the way to the car park while moving her arms. This created a sense of freedom which made me happy.   


Wonderful years said...

Isnt this Park near Taman Tun?

Ng Shannon said...

Yes. At Taman Tun. :)