Friday, March 25, 2011

Bukit Gemok Tawau 14 March 2011

On the way back from Tawau Hill Park, our taxi driver, Remy suggested we have a look at Bukit Gemok. It's located along the road to Tawau Hill Park. I was bit reluctant to go with my wet shoes but decided to stop by and check out the place. 

This place was as quiet as a mouse! Perhaps it is closed on a Monday.  We could just by passed without paying a fee.

At the entrance, there were two huge boulders which has crashed downhill.

The steps that lead to Gemok Hill trail and canopy walk  which is another 1,170 meter. We turned back to the awaiting taxi and headed back to Sutera Inn

Dad saw an armoured-hard shell insect and when touched, it rolled into a ball.

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