Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hui 's tuxpaint tutorial 8 March 2011

This software was downloaded by uncle wk for En. Hui who followed En's footstep, started using it.  

Today, seeing Hui's screen, En was shocked on how the penguin's size could be reduced. She asked her " Did you use the magic button? Hui replied No. En added 'You use the magic button, pointing to the screen'. I was eavesdropping all along, walked to the screen, curious to see the magic button. Hui firmly said No, not the magic button.

Hui said " Click here...

..and here". I blurted "Hey, this is a volume setting". Hui continued 'Then click on the screen. A mini penguin popped up. Blearrgghhh I was wrong! It's not a volume setting! errrr.
There is a magic button on the screen and I wonder what it could do. Let them discover themselves.

Learning without teaching : learning by doing, by wondering, by figuring things out, and often in the process of resisting teaching when well-meaning adults try to force it on them. - John Holt

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