Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dragon Inn, Semporna 15 March 2011

Dragon Inn looks grand and pricey but suprisingly, the room rates is pretty affordable. It is the best accommodation among the three that we have stayed throughout the week. I chose Dragon Inn simply because Sipadan.Com office, which I booked  Mabul Backpackers in Mabul Island from, is located here.

The internet service is located in the room, next to the reception area.
Alternatively, internet cafe is available at Mabul Cafe restaurant in Semporna town, which is just 10  minutes away. RM2 for an hour surf.
The rooms are located along the long hallway.

RM66 nett per night, includes free breakfast for two. Lovely, isn't it? 

Our front door.

The bathroom. I like the feeling of stepping on the wooden flooring.

Dragon Inn guest will have unlimited access to the live aquarium. Nothing great about it. Wooden fences are put up, around the corner of the boardwalk where some sea marines are trapped for our viewing pleasure. It is filled with rubbish too.

This is our free breakfast which comes with coffee or tea.

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