Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snorkelling @Mabul Island, Sabah 16 March 2011

Wednesday to Friday
We could snorkelled right at Mabul backpacker doorstep!

Dad & En. This is En's first snorkelling trip.

Hui hang onto dad - she doesn't like the snorkel mask.

A picture depicted area to snorkel/dive around Mabul Island. We went to 'Lobster Wall' and 'Sandro Point'

Snorkelling at Kapalai Island, in front of Kapalai Water Village, 15minutes away from Mabul Island. 
 En, in yellow life jacket snorkelled among the divers. We are the only family who snorkelled whereas the rest went for diving.

The tide is so low @0.2 that En and dad waddled through the sea in front of Mabul backpacker slowly, trying to avoid stepping on sea urchin, stone fish or coral.
En showed me what she caught. A green leafy crab!

Another crab!


Another light blue starfish that lazed around the stone.

A black starfish with thin limb's movement.

school of fish.

coral & variety of sea grass. There are sea snake and moral eels too, which scared En off.

Stunning isn't it?

More starfishes.

Mabul backpacker at low tide.

she loves the starfish.

a pair of starfish's movement.

En caught another crab! I would have chicken-out, seeing the claw.

En 's fish drawing came with a hook!

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