Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tawau Hill Park 14 March 2011

Tawau has very tall trees due to its basalt soil and the tallest tropical tree in the world can be seen at Tawau Hill Parrk.

You can easily hail a cab by the road side. All taxis run without meter. You need to agree with the fare beforehand. Our taxi driver, Remy can be contacted at 019 869 1405. A taxi ride from TWU town to the park costs RM35 for a 30 minutes ride.  

The operator only charged us RM6 for 2 adults.

There are lots of places to recce.

En observing a group of muslim praying. They were here on a school camp. 

To view the tallest tropical tree, turn left at this signage, after the toilet building in orange.

 Cross the bridge which is next to a huge dipterocarp tree. After the bridge, you can see signage to the tallest tree.

It started with a nice pathway and thereafter to muddy soil.

It rained and we have to take shelter under the shade. By listening to the raindrop and river gushing sound, Hui fell asleep, soooo comfortable. On the other hand, I felt bit scared looking at the dense forest.

DIY leech proof sock! ( It's not 100% guarantee !!).
No, this is not the tallest tree. We didn't manage to reach the tallest tree as the soil was soft and filled with water after the heavy downpour.

Dad spotted an insect with its proboscis in action !

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