Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kampung Palembang,Semporna Sabah 15 March 2011

Tuesday evening
We can see boats or hear the noisy speed boat engines to and fro Semporna jetty and the opposite water villages early morning from Dragon Inn. I decided to take a walk to the public jetty, hoping to hop on one and travel to the nearest village, experiencing the local people mode of transport.

The public boat fetch local bajau to the water village vs Semporna jetty. It will move once there are mininum of 12 passengers and the fee is RM1 per person.  

When we arrived at the jetty, some boat drivers approached us for island hopping, for a fee of RM250 - RM350. I said "I like to take the public boat to the Palembang."   Then he offered RM35 to and fro, without having to wait for the public boat that needs at least 12 passengers.

The jetty of Kampung Palembang, after a 10 minutes boat ride across Celebes Sea.

The area after the jetty where we could see the residents mingle in a close-knit community.

Wooden shaky bridge connecting to the stilt houses.

This bridge is in a better condition.

The kids at Kampung Palembang, Semporna are playing the same games we played in school @Peninsular Malaysia!

When EnHui saw the geese, they chased after them.

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