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Singapore trip 22 March 2010

Monday 5am.
At 445am, we were on our way to LCCT.  Hui has fallen asleep in my arms. I told En to close her eyes and rest. En replied "No, I want to see the world". This startled me. She really loves the world, little children loves the world! Singapore has lots of great educational attractions.. hence, I make 1-3 trips a year to this fascinating island.

At Changi airport, we took a skytrain from Terminal 1(Air Asia's flight terminal) to Terminal 2, as the MRT station is located at basement of T2. We boarded the MRT to Outram Park station, where there is a free shuttle bus to Hotel Re, a cozy boutique hotel.

Here we are at aunty J's hotel room, with her family members. We were so excited to be there, watching Aunty J got ready for her special day!, from applying make up to signing on the dotted line of her marriage certificate.  :) I feel so happy for her. En enjoyed watching the whole process so much..

Left- En observing aunty J, posing for photos.
Right- En took photos of the loving couple, while I carried Hui was sleeping.

En was so focused throughout the whole process.. enjoying every moments, and when it ended, she asked "Can I have two husbands?" and mentioned "I will get marry 12 years later" :)

The wedding solemnisation ended with a Singapore Flyer ride. EnHui being the only two children there, made the loudest noise.

Tuesday am
We took MRT to Jurong East and caught a bus no. 335 to Singapore Science Centre, which is just two bus stops away. In fact, we could have walked to Science Centre from the MRT station.. but it was raining when we arrived the MRT station. 
Hui loves the bus. She prefers the bus more than the MRT, the cab or the car.

  EnHui kept all the bus ticket stubs.

Left- Can you see the picture? Right- Check out the reflection on the glass.

There are so many things to explore.. and it's only SGD6 for an adult, and SGD3 for a child. Below 3 is free. Hui made me carried her from one display to another, "what is that? what is it called? " We watched a 40minutes documentary, "Forces of Nature" at its Omni - theatre where Hui fell zzzzz and me half- zzzzz but En immersed in the crystal clear image and commented "huh.. it's so real!". Omni

Right-  En's favourite experiment of all. She was there for couple of times.

Left- Tesla Coil Show. EnHui took an interest in the electrical current display .

Wednesday 730am
We took a cab to the zoo. EnHui didn't like the idea of taking a cab. They love the bus! There is a bus no 927 from Choa Chu Kang MRT station that takes you to the zoo. I wanted to arrive Zoo on the dot, 830am when ticketing counter opens, so EnHui could watch the elephant bathing at 915am (daily).  Hence cab would be the best. :)  
Ah Meng kopi(coffee) which is located at the entrance opens at 8am. Its teh (tea) and toast is yummy! :)

Elephant bathing 915am & Polar bear feeding 1005am

Left- EnHui with a tiny snail. En used her pet snake to scare the snail!. Right- I usually rent this wagon sgd15, to pull EnHui the whole day! I started with pulling just En. The seat back can be pushed down and made a flat surface for napping toddler. Follow by, pulling EnHui who seated comfortably. Today, the wagon seems cramped as En has grown taller. :)

En caressing 3 toed sloth & fed giraffe with carrot.

Flying fox - just next to us in an open space, flying freely.

Must not missed - Fragile Forest. It's an enclosure of beautiful rain forest with animals roaming freely,swooping  flying foxes, iguana, ring tailed lemur, blue crowned hanging parrot, red lory, clipper, tortoise, stingray, ducks, sloth etc etc.

Giant Tortoise Experience 115pm to 145pm daily

En fed giant tortoise apple.

We were observing Hamadrya Babboons... till Hui said she wanted to poo! 

En said "she is training this emu". She has changed her ambition from author to animal trainer. :)

Thumbuakar Tribe show at night safari 7pm. It's near the entrance of night safari. So, you can still catch it without entering Night Safari.

We went to the Night Safari after S'pore Zoo, which is about 3 minutes walk from S'pore Zoo. The tickets costs cheaper if you buy 2 parks (S'pore Zoo and Night Safari), instead of just 1 park. You will save even more if you buy tickets for 3 parks, that are S'pore Zoo, Night Safari and Bird Park.
The night safari tram ride will take you close to the nocturnal animals that frolic and graze at night.. (if you are lucky!). We had malayan tapirs, mousedeer, babi rusa, sambar deer etc just next to our tram!

Thursday am.
We took the MRT from Choa Chu Kang all the way to the last station E1 Pasir Ris. EnHui loves the long cozy, scenic MRT ride. We headed to Downtown East, Wild Wild Wet water park. Unfornately, it rained when we arrived. So, we got into the Explorer Kids indoor playground instead. This place is not attractive at all. Register as a member would be wiser, SGD2 cheaper and the membership last till the child turns 12. Member entrance fees is SGD9. Non member is SGD20!!!  

Left- the playground. Right- Do not lose the tag - SGD20 fine!

Right- The Mound - for a drink and snack from vending machine.

Toddler play area, below 3.
Infant play area.

Ball park for kid above 3.

The place is such a bore that En agreed quickly for an early departure to Changi Airport. !!

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Rayhana said...

wah.. reminds me of the time i went to the singapore science centre, like.. uh, 20 years ago! i was sooo impressed with the omnitheatre..

singapore zoo.. sigh. how come zoo negara is not even half as exciting/interesting as singapore zoo?

looks like you had a blast with the kids!
how did you find out so much about the buses and all ya?