Sunday, March 7, 2010

En's first novel - How do I help my child to read? 6 March 2010

Saturday morning.
En picked a Roald Dahl book, "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" and read on her own last night, before bed. Few pages. This morning, she continued reading the book for 10 minutes. I was almost in tears, seeing her attempting to read such a thick book for the first time :)

Left-She slots a furry ostrich as bookmark. En @ 5years & 10months old.
Right-The moment En woke up, she looked for her books, @14months.

En recognised and read simple words around 2. I used flashcards when she was about 1+, following a book How to Teach Your Baby to Read (Gentle Revolution). I also read aloud story books. She loves books. Every night, we read almost 30 books or more! After Hui was born (En was 3years old), I hardly have time to read to her. :( I point to signs and read for her when we are outside, eg "Toilet", "Hospital". When there is a chance, I read the phonic sound of a letter.  It's not done in a structured manner. Whatever way we use, it has to be in a joyful manner but not with the intention to teach children to read. Otherwise, the whole thing will be spoiled and not fun anymore.     

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Paul & Ann said...

Good job!! Glad to her En is reading on her own!!! Its time for celebration. Try "My father's dragon" its a really cute book.
Chapter book -- Sarah really love it. Magic school bus is also another great chapter book to have or Magic tree house. The library has them.