Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At home 26 February 2010

Friday afternoon.
It's a cleaning day and I got En to wash the common bathroom. She picked some suitable detergent by reading the label on the bottle. Hui happily fetched guppy and cherry barb from the aquarium (fine motor play!) so dad could clean it.

After chores, En took a child safe face-paints and painted her eyelid! Hui observed, showed no interest and played with ABC puzzle.


En saw a broken mini acrobat toy and did a funeral rite for it! oh my! A broken skeletal mammoth was buried along with it. She attended 3 chinese funeral rites before and her preparation resembled it. She used an empty container as a coffin!, balloon stick as an incense stick and lots of papers. Little Hui messed it up and ate the pineapple! :)

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Bryan said...

Hui expression in the last photo is cuteeeeee.