Sunday, March 28, 2010

Magnificent Caterpillar 28 March 2010

Sunday am.
Our caterpillars are spinning silk cocoon now..:)

Friday morning. 26 March. There are so huge.

On Friday afternoon, we saw 2 caterpillars crept to the top, we guess they are going to spin cocoon soon. So we put a curry leaf branch inside the container. 

Left- Friday evening. We noticed silky effect on the wall. Right - Sunday 12am. The right side caterpillar was hanging in the air! hold by the silk.

On Saturday morning, the third caterpillar crept to the top on the left side. The other two caterpillars were hanging next to each other on the right side. Interesting......
Now, I experienced what it means by learning can be fun.  :)
An alternative way of learning beside the traditional 'sit down', 'shut up' and do as I say" model.

On Sunday morning, we found the third caterpillar which was on the left side, has moved to the right side, hanging next to the two caterpillars. It seems that they wanted to be together.

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Rayhana said...

I think it's amazing.


My son made a hole in the foil, one escaped, left droppings but I couldn't trace it even with the droppings! The other one's a cocoon already. The butterfly is beautiful, this one! ;) Wait for it...! :D

greenhoihoi said...

shannon, where did you get the caterpillar? it's really huge. i think i ve never seen one live myself so huge...

Jack Ng said...

Thanks to Rayhanna (the 1st commenter, if there is such a word), she gave it to us. Her curry leaf plant is like a habitat for butterflies and caterpillar.

Thanks Rayhanna, I agree. It is very very very amazing. I think I was more excited than the kids. aiyo.


Rayhana said...

greenhoihoi, they were in my garden. too many, so i gave them away for the sake of education! ;P
(i.e. to save my plant too :P)

Jack, it was my pleasure, good to get 'rid' of them. it was my lime plant they were after. thank God they eat curry leaves too. my poor lime plant is all bare now. there's this other lime plant, and i see caterpillars again!

again i say, waittttt for ittttt!!! :)

greenhoihoi said...

Rayhana!! can i get some caterpillars from you? I will take good care of them!!