Sunday, March 28, 2010

En's thought on Earth Hour 27 March 2010

Friday pm.
En found out about Earth Hour that falls on Saturday, from the radio.
En told Hui, "you know tomorrow is Earth Hour, Zhang Hui. We need to switch off the lights". I love Earth day. I asked En, "Why do you like Earth Hour?". En replied " I love to save the Earth".

Saturday am.
En woke up and she remember today is Earth Hour. She said "Today is Earth Hour! I am so happy".

As a matter of fact, our lights are usually off by 8-9pm. EnHui are early sleeper.


greenhoihoi said...

wonderful! sleep so early. nice to meet you on sat. too bad didn't have much time to chat. your girls are veyr bubbly. supportive husband sitting next to you. you blog is so up to date!

i found there are some lessons plan... perhaps the kids might be interested.

Bryan Koh said...

we should start from kid to teach them Save the Earth. Hope our Earth in the coming future still a nice place to live. : )