Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cupcakes and Play 20 March 2010

En got Hui to be a baby and made her a babycot. She sang lullaby and read board books to the 'baby'.

When dad asked them to go to the car workshop, they protested with a "NO", "We want to bake".
Mom and EnHui baked butter cupcakes. They enjoyed baking! Hui didn't like the scooping of batter part as it's sticky, she said.

Left- EnHui engrossed in watching the mixer, spinning the ingredient.

Left- En adored the cupcake box that she has folded. She loves boxes.
Right- Again, they were so engrossed in watching the mixer spinned icing.

Left- While waiting for the cupcake to cool, they watched the cake decoration videos on youtube. Their eyes were glued to the screen. !
Right- Mixing the icing colours

Left- EnHui decorated the cake. Right- When dad came back, he joined in the fun.
When En scooped the icing into a ziplock bag, the icing was scattered all over the bag. She was sad and thought she couldn't it well. She said "What if I tried again, the same thing happen and I waste the icing". She walked away and locked herself in the room. After a while, she returned, tried again and happily squeezing the icing on the cake. I am glad she was able to sort things out alone and keep on trying.  

Left- The birthday people! Right- Our birthday cupcakes for Ping, Jane & Fai :)

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