Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun @swimming pool & Water Puddle 6 March 2010

Saturday morning.
It's Saturday and there is not a single soul at the pool! except us.I wonder why..

EnHui spinned Hui's swimsuit!, uttered "washing machine spinning". 

EnHui saw the water puddle and hopping on it crazily. En drew with her barehands!

En made hand & footprint.

They watched the hand/footprint gradually dropped out of sight. (science)

Gone! They stepped on the puddle and stamped again.

En suggested "let's make buttock print!"

Buttock print! :D

 Children want to learn, and they know how to do it. If they have questions, I answer them. If I can't answer them, find it together. This process is called life. It's not separate from education.

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Acash said...

That is really cute. Sarah love foot prints. That is how I also found out, she may have flat feet. Just check when they play the next time.