Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unschooling Playgroup 2 March 2010

Tuesday 1pm
We met YL and kids at Ikea Restaurant. Arian came along. :) And today, our young baker, JY turns 12! :)
After lunch, Fai, Han and Arian went to Smaland. Hui wanted to go but was refused entry as she hasn't turn 3 yet! which is the minimun age entry requirement. Hui was sad and cried. I explained to her that this attendant was strictly adhering to rules and we could try to appeal. She agreed. So we asked again and the attendant shook her head. I said "Some attendants accept our explanation and some do not. We need to respect her decision." Hui understood and calmed down.:)
As a matter of fact, Hui went in couple of times last year! I feel that she is physically fit  for the playthings inside Smaland and let her joined En. En took notice of the age issue and asked me. After much thought, I told her, I bent the rules as I feel that Hui is physically fit to go but I must take full responsibility of my doing.
While waiting for the boys, EnHui explored Ikea showrooms, which is like a huge playhouse :) After that, we headed to DPC park !

Kids watched TV after lunch.

What on earth are Fai & Hui doing on top the TV!

Feeding fishes & tortoises

Left - all 7 kids(aged from 14 months to 12 years old). Right - Han, EnHui cooked mushroom and grass!

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