Monday, March 15, 2010

Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson 12 March 2010

Friday 3pm.
After the raptor watch @Tanjung Tuan, we put up at Thistle Hotel for a night @ RM270(exclude tax), which includes 4 glasses of welcome drinks, seaview room and FOC sumptuos breakfast for 4!

Left- Entrance at lobby @2nd floor. Right- EnHui drinking welcome drink. We gulped down the plum juice - so thirsty after 3/4 day at Tanjung Tuan!

View from lobby - balcony of rooms

View from lobby - swimming pool @ 1st floor

Left- Outside lift, along the corridor. Right- First thing EnHui did, jumped on beds!

Left- Balcony of seaview room, coconut trees, pool, sea, mountains & sunset.
Right - Bathtub and detachable shower head.

Toiletries - toothbrush, cottonbuds, shower cap, lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner

2 bottles of complimentary water.

TV - with some astro channels & radio channels.

Left- entrance & wardrobe. Bathrobe and bedroom slippers provided.
Right- working table. Internet charges is RM57 for 24 hours! So, no connection for a night :(

Bedside table, with clock.

Left - Hui loves water slide! En- stepped on the mini fountain, preventing water from spouting.

Left- Pool bar. Right- another water slide for Hui!
Left- En and her sand shoe. Right- Pathway that lead to the hotel private beach.

There is a children corner at the restaurant. :)
My plate! There are variety of delicious western and asian food.
Hotel garden. Garden-view rooms face here.

Children playground.

There are some warm-up exercise equipments. En was on the balance beam
Left- En smilling, looking for shells. Right- En laughing heartily throwing goo in the sky!

Left -Hui likes to stay dry - scooped sand on the mat! Right- En enjoyed the wet sand!

En found this lovely coral! :)

Left- En showed me what she saw! Right- En ran back with her new-found green seaweed.

Left- EnHui love the swing under a tree. Right- shells collected from Thistle beach, magpie,shark eye,european cockle etc.

Thistle Hotel previously was Guoman Hotel. I gave it a thumbs-up!
En collected more shells at Pantai Dickson 12th mile before heading home

Left- shells/coral collected from Pantai Dickson 12th mile. Right- En made a necklace with one.


Rayhana said...

aaahhh... looks really nice!

another option apart from Avillion PD!

loving the slides :D and the shells!!

Bryan Koh said...

yeah nice hotel and it look fun too.

Paul & Ann said...

wow that is a really nice hotel.
I've been to another hotel, had to wake up in the middle of the night and move the entire family out of the room!!! Electrical wiring were burning!!! As you can imagine. I will keep this hotel in mind, thanks for the review!! Love the place.

Jack Ng said...

We like the breakfast too. Nothing fancy and not exactly top line, but the food they served, tasted much better than plenty of buffet breakfasts that I have been to in many hotels.