Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Onion and Window Shopping 11 March 2010

Thursday 9am.
We spotted the spring onion sprouted tiny leaves.

We met aunty Rayhana at Smaland, 10am! EnHui and Ayman were the first kids, entering Smaland. :) EnHui loves Ikea. En said "The 'bestest' furniture shop in the whole world". It's like a huge doll house! Ayman and EnHui had fun messing around one showroom after another. Then, they got their jollies pushing the child trolley till the end, browsing some products. We acknowledge some unique designs and different ideas of home setting. At the market hall, the kids stood still trying to spot the forklift behind the rows of shelves... :). En 's imagination ran wild and thought of a monster .. Ayman and Hui got the vibes and joined in the imagination..

Pet shops @Ikano was the next destination.. En especially like the sugar glider.. and spent a longer time looking at it.. and she doesn't venture far as she is afraid of bumping into snakes whereas Hui pulled me along the aisle, asking every single pets names in the store. They both creating knowledge in a different way and I dont attempt to control, manipulate or divert the process.

Left-EnHui & kid trolley @Ikea. Right-A nimble sugar glider touched En's index finger @petshop

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Paul & Ann said...

Ikea is a "dangerous" place for mommy and kids. So is bookstore too.
Glad we live a little further away from Ikea, otherwise we will be there everyday. Sarah complaint why we have to live so far away from Ikea!