Sunday, March 21, 2010

Caterpillar again! 19 March 2010

Friday afternoon.
Aunty Rayhana gave us 3 caterpillars.. EnHui love them.

Left- 2 caterpillars munching curry leaves and 1 stroll outside.

En painted in her closed-door room after returning from the hot air balloon fiesta.


Rayhana said...

aik, i thought you'd have transferred the caterpillars into another glass jar! ;p sorry the jar was too small. maybe put a sheet of aluminium foil with holes on the top so the caterpillar won't wander too far! good that they eat the curry leaves :) my poor lime plant!

Jack Ng said...

well we transferred to a sandwich container. poke some holes into it for some ventilation. we ran out of curry leaves, they gobbled them up right and proper, and then they moved onto the ixora leaves too. curry leaves seemed to be their first choice.