Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 19 March 2010

Friday 730am
We met up with aunty Rayhana & children early in the morning, to go to Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya, Precint2. Direction : Use  NKVE, exit at Putrajaya. Go straight till you see Precint 2 signboard, turn left. Go straight till you reach traffic light, turn right at traffic light. Park on your left, foc

We couldn't get tickets for hot air balloon ride. The lady who sold tickets said the queue started at 6am! They start selling ticket at 7am, maximun 300 tickets per session, Adult RM10 and child RM5.

The sight of the hot air balloons were so beautiful. I enjoyed looking at them, so was En. She wasn't deterred by the blazing heat. Hui who can't bear hot weather..was whiny. I think the best time to arrive is at 8am or in the evening at 6pm and much earlier if you wanna get a ticket for the hot air balloon ride. We saw two blimps and a remote control helicopter which was so tiny.

Left- En loves this place. She was so happy meeting with Xin Yee too. :)

Para-gliding. 5 of them.

Hui brightened up, seeing a boy blowed bubbles, forget about the heat and ran after it.

En talked to cockatoo for so long, "HELLO" and bounced excitedly when it screamed in return.

Petting mini zoo is extremely mini. RM2 per person. You see a sheep, cats,albino snakes and all sort of parrots.


Yee Ling said...

I want to go!

Paul & Ann said...

I took Sarah there the last time. She did not like the sounds came from the gas cylinders. It was hot. But mommy and daddy really enjoyed themselves. HAha.. Maybe next year we will go. not this year -- sick kid.