Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sushi King Education Program, Sunway Pyramid 16 March 2010

Tuesday 930am
Today, our 'unschool' playgroup attended the Sushi King educ program. For more information, click on
and go to page 10.

The educator, Ms Wong is pleasant and friendly. It started with a brief warm-up, getting the children to greet good morning really loud and explaining the agenda. Then, she started to introduce some japanese words.. :)

Left -the agenda. Right- Lovely Ms Wong teaching the words.

More Japanese...

Spot the difference between kame-chan and naga-chan.

Ms Wong scooped kome-chan with shamoji into hangiri.

Mixed kome-chan with rice vinegar and leave it to cool.
There are 5 benefits of sushi vinegar. 1) kome-chan turns shiny  2) It smells good. 3) It tastes great. 4)Kome-chan will be sticky. 5) It helps in digestion.
Children were given fan to help with the cooling of rice!

The sushi making began with demonstration using shapes represents ingredients, on the board.

Followed by real demonstration. Kanikama nigiri.

Tuna gunkan

Kappa maki

 7 ingredients for temaki -rice, mayonaise, egg, crabstick, shredded cucumber,fish roe & seaweed.
 Parents were requested to participate in making temaki. The fastest one will get a sushi king meal voucher.

 Hands-on experience in making nigiri and gunkan.

Souvenir- reusable bag consists of loyalty card, pen and notebook. 
All these for RM20 per person, including a bento lunch as well.

At home, we put our knowledge into good use!
One cup of rice with 1.3 cup of water. Cook with rice cooker.

Mixed with a vinegar. Stir it. Let it cool.

Fry an omelette.

Nori, kappa, tamago and rice.

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