Sunday, March 28, 2010

En's drawing for mom 27 March 2010

Saturday night.
En drew a picture for me and coloured a page of her kitty colouring book. She was self-directed in her learning most of the time. Then, she spent the night replying emails.. and she likes her email-pal, Chloe whom she hasn't met before! She refused to delete any of Chloe's emails.. so I showed her how to create a folder and moved the old emails from Chloe to this newly created folder... and that's when she said " Mom, I want to sleep now.. " So, I said "Ok, Good night".  She went to bed.

Left- A picture for mom.  Right- En coloring.


greenhoihoi said...

En can email? amazing! she can type a letter to her pal? so cool. how old is her email-pal?

Bryan Koh said...

when is she going to email me too. hehe

Jack Ng said...


She can't type a letter yet. It is done by her mom and dad. She says what she wants to convey and we type.

En's dad